Cases We Never Mention
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Cases We Never Mention

Murder – Mayhem and a Mermaid

For a pair of Private Investigators who love being in the spotlight and find themselves being talked and written about on television, radio, the internet, and the tabloids, having cases they don’t want to mention or brag about, is very different for Jordan Sutton and Milo Starr.

Over the past few years, Sutton and Starr have solved many headline-capturing cases.  The television news loves to run features about them because they are very glib and look fantastic on-camera.  (In fact, each of them has received countless invites from on-line dating sites.)  Not every case achieves headline status.  Many are very mundane and don’t warrant headline status, and there have been a few that they never mentioned above a whisper.

Both investigators believe the time is right to open their scrapbooks and allow everyone to peek behind the curtain. They asked their unofficial biographer, J.E. Duke, to comb through their filing cabinets and expose the sometimes mundane, the often thrilling, the incredibly romantic and dangerous cases, which are at times, stranger than fiction. Here, you can and read about the real-world of private investigation.

It’s a world that, at times, may appear to be a combination of Supermarket Tabloid and Believe It or Not, where you don’t know who or what will enter your office looking for help.  It’s the job of the P.I. to not make a judgment but to believe your clients and help where you can.  You, as a reader, can pick and choose what you elect to believe, but Jordan Sutton and Milo Starr can’t.  They have to accept each situation as real and proceed to help their clients as best they can.

Media note:  Sutton and Starr will not do interviews based on what is written here.  Remember, until now,