Family Lies - Generations of Dec

Family Lies - Generations of Deceit
Family Lies
Available in both DIGITAL and PAPERBACK

Family Lies

Family Lies - Kindle

Family Lies - Generations of Deceit
A Romantic Mystery

With the flick of a pen, James Forbes will
become one of the richest men in the world.

He will live a lifestyle most only dream about.
The only drawback - nobody was ever to know!

Everyone assumes James is the right
man to take over his father’s business.

That may be true, but after discovering
that his family has been involved in a litany
of crimes including
kidnapping, robbery, blackmail
and murder, he wasn’t so sure. 

His grandfather’s journal,
“Diary of an Assassin”
really makes him rethink his new life.

James will attempt to keep the status-quo
while falling in love and attempting
to unravel
The Family Lies: The Generations of Deceit.


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